Product Overview

Providing Aircraft and
Ground Support Equipment
Components & Solutions

As a manufacturer of aircraft components and ground support equipment, AIRLINX Aircraft Services, Inc. is dedicated to supplying the aviation industry with the highest quality, reliable products at competitive prices.

The company is organized into four product groups:

1. Potable Water Service Products
Size: -12 (3/4 inch. 19.1mm). Quarter turn-to-lock-fill couplings, quarter turn-to-lock-fill caps, one-piece fill nipples, and one-piece coupling plugs/dust caps.

2. Lavatory Service Products
Size: -16 for fill & flush applications (1 inch, 25.4mm). Quarter turn-to-lock-fill & flush couplings, quarter turn-to-lock-fill & flush caps, one-piece fill & flush nipples, and one-piece coupling plugs/dust caps.

Size: -64 for drain applications (4 inch, 101.6mm). Quarter turn-to-lock drain couplings. Quarter turn-to-lock drain caps, lever lock truck drain valves (for closed airport disposal systems), one- and two-piece drain nipples, and specialty lavatory drain components.

3. Pneumatic Air Start Products
Size: -56 (3-1/2 inch, 88.9mm). Push-to-connect, pull-to-disconnect air start couplings, and related pneumatic fittings and connections.

4. Hydraulic Oil Fill & Over Fill Products
Size: -6 for Fill (3/8 inch, 9.5mm). Size: -8 for Over Fill (1/2 inch, 12.7mm). Push-to-connect, pull-to-disconnect hydraulic couplings, and coupling plug assemblies and related fittings.

Within each product group we manufacture many variations, sizes, and specialty couplings and components. Although the aircraft connection is a standard, we offer numerous design styles and a variety of terminations. Additionally, we offer your choice of materials to satisfy any application.

AIRLINX is not limited to manufacturing only the items listed within the specific product groups. We have the capabilities to develop and design special applications in order to support specific customer requirements.